Hi Diane,
What a fantastic performance.

Where do I start. My wife and I live just outside London and we go tothe theatre regularly to see all the top shows and this one equaled any we have seen.
First I must congratulate the director in his casting and in doing this I will pick out some of the performers and performances.
I know that a show is a team effort but for me Cassius was exceptional. She was so evil and conniving and underhanded that we all fell in love with her. Although I knew the play well, I even hoped that she would not die, that somehow the director would alter the original script to let her live. The woman sitting beside me even cried when Cassius was killed.
Brutus was superb, changing from being Caesar's friend to being led into the conspiracy, then finally regretting his part. He was so believable and he portrayed Brutus as he was in real life.
I was an ancient history buff in my youth and Caesar was one of my heroes however, as acted, in the play, so pompous, I wanted him to be murdered.
What do I say about Mark Anthony. She started off as a non-entity, so ineffectual that I could not see any way she could give the "Friends, Romans and countrymen....." speech with any meaning, but boy was I wrong. She was amazing. She changed into this figure of power and strength before our eyes so much so that even I, as a member of the audience, wanted to get up and cheer her.
Cinna terrified me from the start. She was so menacing and the scene where she faced off against a spear with just a dagger in her hand was so realistic it was believable.
The fight/battle scenes were immensely powerful but the murder of Caesar eclipsed them all. It was horrifying to say the least, so well acted and again so believable.
The face decoration was a stroke of genius, it highlighted the players so well, especially in the case of Cassius.
I have not mentioned every member of the cast because I would run out of steam but suffice to say they were all excellent.
Many thanks Diane for telling me about the show. When we return to Vancouver, which we tend to do every year, we will certainly put Bard in the Valley on our list of things to do.

John Varellas

Bard in the Valley (BIV) is a registered non-profit society with a goal to stage the works of William Shakespeare along with other contemporary playwrights with integrity and professionalism at an annual summer festival in both the City and the Township of Langley.

The Bard in the Valley Society also is dedicated to the concept of making these performances both affordable and available to wide audience, and to nurture and promote an enthusiasm for the works of Shakespeare and other playwrights. Admission is FREE to the performances on the Spirit Square Stage at Douglas Park in the City of Langley and in Fort Langley on the lawn in front of the Historic Community Hall. 

We believe in “One Goal – One Passion – Shakespeare For Everyone.”
Bard in the Valley also features a youth component: Theatrical training and youth workshops are offered as part of the commitment to the community.

Bard in the Valley is pleased to announce this year’s production is Shakespeare's
"Julius Caesar"  which will be directed by Langley native, Darcy J Knopp. Knopp performed lead roles in BIV’s first two productions. While attending the University of the Fraser Valley he appeared in 12 main-stages that included seven Shakespeare plays. He directed five shows at the Directors’ Festival -- four of which were scripts he wrote. Two of those productions were selected to perform at the Harrison Festival of the Arts.

Admission is by donation. Bring a picnic, a blanket, your deck chairs and your whole family to enjoy this delightful outdoor theatrical experience.

Anyone wanting to join the BIV team and help with costumes, props, lights and sound, set construction or set moving, please contact producer Diane Gendron at